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Parity Accounting


Whether your tax affairs are straightforward or more complex, we will act as your agent with HMRC and relieve you of the burden of worrying about filing deadlines and payment dates. In addition, through initial meetings and by our process of on going review we will ensure that your tax position is optimised and all relevant claims and deductions are made so you pay no more tax than you need to.

Parity Accounting

Small Businesses

From freelancers and sole traders through to limited companies, not only will we help you meet all the financial regulatory obligations but also consider areas where you may be able to reduce your tax bill. Our process of on going review will enable optimum tax planning of the business itself and with an understanding of the tax affairs of the owners and directors, we will also consider optimum ways to extract profits whether by dividends, salary or other means. We have experience of working with clients from the very start of their business journey advising on suitable vehicles, through to advising on exit strategies for owners wishing to close their business and find the most tax effective way of enabling the retained profits of the company to flow back to the owners.